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Coffee Dog Games.
Based in Bangkok, Thailand.
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iOS / Web(Unity) / Web(HTML5)
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Alien Bio Lab is a single player puzzle game about creating weird creatures. The player controls Mochitan, a mysterious, tea-loving alien who is on his quest to create creatures that nobody has ever seen before. The game plays like a match-3 puzzle. By matching three of the same creatures, they will merged into a new and rarer creature. Since the creatures are not completely removed like in other puzzle games, the player have to be careful about spaces in the lab. If the lab gets too crowded and goes out of control, it’s game over for Mochitan!


Alien Bio Lab started as a learning project. The goal at first was to produce a simple puzzle game to gain more experience in HTML5 game development. However, when we were playing other puzzle games that inspire Alien Bio Lab, we saw that there were something that could be improved, and it could make the game better. After a week of prototyping and experimenting with randomization algorithm, the HTML5 version is finished. We found that what we added did improve the game.

Seeing that the game has potential, we decided to port it to mobile platforms with Unity3D, with more features such as a new mode where everyone is playing with the same random seed, and a replay feature where players can record their sessions and watch them later.


  • A new twist on a match-3 puzzle game
  • 12 unique and cute creatures rendered in beautiful pixel art style
  • Save a replay of your game and watch it again anytime you want


Coming soon.


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About Coffee Dog Games

Coffee Dog Games is an alias of GPTouch studio. Coffee Dog Games aims to create light and casual games that can be enjoyed by anyone from any device. Our goal is to create high quality games while remaining free of charge.

Alien Bio Lab Credits

Guts Rodsavas (Hima)
Programmer/Lead Designer
Piti Yindee
Lead Artist
Game/UI Designer/Artist


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