All HTML5 games listed here are available for licensing, branding, distribution, localization, and any other customize to your needs.

All games are optimized for a range of mobile devices, including iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

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Title Genre Description
WebCoffeeDog_Thumbs_AnimalPuzzle Animal Puzzle Pop Match-3 Puzzle Tap a group of three or more animals to clear them from the screen. Reaches the goal to advance to the next leve. Features cute cartoon visuals, suitable for all ages.
WebCoffeeDog_Thumbs_ThreeGatesSolitaire Three Gates Solitaire Card A new solitaire game. Clear as many cards as possible. Features beautiful and slick interface with an interactive tutorial.
Magic Pond Solitaire Card Capture all the magical frogs in the Magic Pond to win a round. You can save one card and swap it for later use. Win a round as fast as possible for a time bonus!
Lucky 7 Stars Puzzle Shoot numbered magic stars into the sky to defend your kingdom from the meteors while aiming for chain reaction bonuses!
Alien Bio Lab Match-3 Puzzle Mochitan is on a quest to create creatures that nobody has ever seen before! Will he be able to discover all 12 mysterious creatures?
Get Those Sheep Action Bring all the sheep back to the farm in a numerical order, and as fast as possible!
Dak Dak Buffet Challenge Action Help Dakdak win the eating competition by choosing an appropriate eating technique.
Professor Gatou's Jewel Hunt Match-3 Puzzle Help Professor Gatou collect all the beautiful gems in this block collapsing puzzle game. Collect as many gems as possible to advance to the next stage. Use a pickax to help get rid of an unwanted gem or setup for a big group of gems.

For all business inquiries related to the games above, please Get in Touch.